Mobile ultraviolet circulating air sterilizer

Mobile ultraviolet circulating air sterilizer

1. Primary air filtration
2. Activated carbon strong deodorization, photocatalytic sterilization
3. Static adsorption dust removal (optional)
4. Full LCD display, man-machine dialogue
5. UV intensity automatic detection (real-time monitoring)
6.Automatic exhausted maintenance
7. Auto alarm for lamp failure, and automatically start standby lamp
8.Automatic alarm for fan failure
9. Automatic alarm for negative ion failure
10. Infrared remote control manual, automatic two operation modes
11. Ultra-quiet operation with adjustable wind speed in three gears
12. Ultra-strong C-band UV sterilization is thorough
13. High concentration ozone disinfection (static optional)

Use:Mobile air sterilizer, can be placed in the ward or corridor    
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