Our new product--Professional Alcohol Tester

AT8100 and AT8800 are professional-used alcohol testers adopting high-accuracy fuel cell sensor. They are widely used by policeman, pharmacy, hosipital or testing labs to do evidential alcohol tester. Bluetooth technology enables easy and stable connection with printer. Data can be uploading to PC by wire.
AT8100 is an advanced portable Breath Alcohol Tester. Its core component adopts new fuel cell alcohol Sensor which can measure accurately concentration of the breath alcohol, with strong anti-interface ability. AT8100 has compact keyboard and menu operation. The admirable human-device interface makes operation more concise and convenient, the color LCD makes interface more clear and beautiful. It also has wireless printing function, one-off anti-return mouthpiece ensures the health and safety of users.
AT8800 is more advanced portable Breath Alcohol Tester and up-to-date design in the international field at present. The core component adopts new high-tech Electrochemical Sensor and the tester can measure accurately concentration of the breath alcohol with strong anti-jamming ability. With the design of mobile phone keyboard, the menu operation, the admirable human-device interface, and the intelligent input methods,  the operation of AT8800 is more concise and convenient. Also, multicolor LCD make interface more clear and beautiful, inner wireless module achieve wireless printing function, and one-off anti-circumfluence mouthpiece ensures the health and safety of users.
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